Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Three People I Trust My Life With.

There are only 3 people I trust my life.

They are my best friends.

Best Friend #1

we met when we were 7, in primary school. Ever since, we had drifted apart for a year or two but now, we are the best of friends. Mainly we drifted apart because i was generally a very very quiet girl so my circle of friends maybe revolve 4 or 5 people and Best Friend #1 is a super sociable with her circle of friends 6 or 7 times larger than mine. She had more friends to hang out with. Now, we meet up almost once every week. We bake together, hang out, have sleepovers, and share secrets. She is a bit influenced by American culture. as we all know, Asian culture is pretty much the opposite. She is loud, sometimes a little mean to her siblings, loves to gossip and she eats a lot.... and never ever gets fat. She is the only person whom got my mask almost cracked open.

One pictorial representation of her :-

This picture explains her. Sometimes she is Sunrise. Sometimes she is Sunset.

Best Friend #2

We met in high school together when we were both 14. We didn't start out strong but now we are tight. Now, this friend and I think alike in many ways. from what we do to what we like. But of course we are different in many ways too. She is a confident, strong in character, always smiling no matter what she feels inside, great listener and helpful when I am down about something. I trust her fully.

She is a flower. First a bud where u don't really know whats in store. And then after awhile, it blooms and its so pretty and pure.

Best Friend #3

I met her the same time as #2 as all 4 of us were in the same class for that year. First impression of her, she was bubbly, innocent and so full of life. Years on, she is still the same. She is the person who never fails to put a smile on my face. She is clumsy, in a funny way. She is so extremely smart and determined to be a civil engineer no matter how much we say its a manly job. She is studying overseas for a year now. And gosh, I miss her a lot.

She is like this picture. Children playing in the rain. Bringing out joy, happiness and excitement.

I Love My Friends. And I Trust My Life With Them.


  1. Hi, Im in a jam here. I came across this great sunrise photo you have on your blog and used it in a design comp. Mow client has approved it and I need to use it for final. Can you tell me where you got this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thnx!